oh maybe so

Of course it is happening inside your head, but why should that mean it isn't real?

pity me

so today i had to sign up for 4000 dollar vision therapy sessions bc of course my eyes are jacked up in a way that cannot be fixed with glasses or surgery. then I tried to drive to the store, felt sick, got home and threw up. now i have the flu. tomorrow i have to go ask my boss if i can un-quit this job that I hate so i can pay for all this bullshit and it’s going to be super uncomfortable .


Tonight’s Scary Movie:

Saw (2004)

My Thoughts: LMAO this movie was awesome. I was so afraid to watch it for so long but I totally loved it. It wasn’t even gory? I guess the sequels are where it gets super gross out. Anyway I had a great time watching this.

Did a little 1920’s faux-bob thing

Did a little 1920’s faux-bob thing